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Ahmed Shide met with Tibor Nagy to Discuss Economic Issues

Ahmed Shide, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, met with Tibor Nagy, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs to discuss U.S. support for Ethiopia’s long-term economic growth.

Assistant Secretary Nagy expressed the United States’ commitment to partner with Ethiopia to promote a business and investment climate that encourages innovation and job creation and increased trade, and where we can leverage the strength of the U.S. private sector investment in support of Ethiopia’s goals.

Ahmed Shide met with Tibor Nagy to Discuss Economic

He underscored that U.S. companies are eager to participate in Ethiopia’s economic growth, bringing employment, technology transfer, and a successful business culture. He added that Ethiopia can help bring them here by sending strong signals that Ethiopia is open for business by addressing access to foreign currency, improving customs and logistics, offering transparent procurement and tender processes, and enabling a legal environment that addresses commercial disputes in a fair way.

Top picture: Ahmed Shide gives Statement on the current situation in Somaligna

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