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ONK 14 2018 QOPHII ADDAA Sirna Galateeffannaa fi Beekamtii Artiistoota Oromoo ABOn Qophaawe

Wabiin keenya uummata keenya uummata Oromooti, meeshaan waraanaa keenyas Oromoodha! Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo kan dhalche roorroo halagaati. Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo ABO tti meeshaa/hidhannoo kan hidhe uummata keenya Oromoodha. Hidhannoon WBO harkaa kan ABO qofa utuu hintaane kan uummata Oromoo ta’uuttan beeka. Oromoon gaafa roorroon gamtuuf Qawwee itti bitee ilmasaa bosonatti ergee daangaasaa riphee tikfatuurraa ture. […]

Oromo Democratic Party (ODP): Beautiful in Name, Ugly in Action

By Worku Burayu (PhD) The beginning of understanding is to call things by their right names, the ODP. But can change of the name really transform the internal behavior? Although changed the name from smell bad OPDO to smell less ODP, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for ODP as organization to turn smell good. It is undeniable […]

Abyssinian War on Oromo Nationalism Using the Same Old Method

By Abbaa Ormaa (PhD) Abyssinian Target: Oromo Nationalism Method: Manufacture crises, then accuse and criminalize, then incarcerate, kill, and exile. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”  Thomas Jefferson Oromo, don’t be fooled. What is going on is a coordinated attack campaign on […]

Ethiopia: Opening up: How far and how fast?

(By Tom Gardner, The Africa Report) Analysts are almost unanimous in their views of Ethiopia’s financial sector, which remains small, fragmented and uncompetitive, even compared to its underperforming regional peers. In the 27 years since the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) came to power, there has not been a single private bank merger. Understanding the financial […]

Jiruu fi Jireenya Nama – (Ontological Characterstics of Human Being,Part 3)

(Yoseph Mulugeta Baba, PhD) Yaadachiisa: kutaa 1-3 dubbisuun barbaachisaa dha. Kutaa 1ffaa (Part I) Kutaa 2ffaa (Part II) Falaasama natoo Oromo keessatti, hubannoo (understanding) fi hiikaan (interpretation) kan addunyaa (of the world), kan mataa ofii (of oneself) fi kan uummata biraa (other people) yaadrimee waa’ee “JIREENYA” irraa jalqaba. Kana jechuun, hubannoo fi hiikaan kan UUMAA, […]

Ethiopia: East Africa’s Emerging Giant

Ethiopia’s new leader is seeking aggressive reforms to put an end to discord and build on the country’s progress in recent decades, but a towering set of challenges threatens his agenda. Backgrounder by Claire Felter Introduction (CFR)Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most-populous country, has suffered military rule, civil war, and catastrophic famine over the past half century. Yet in recent […]

As was expected, Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has consolidated power

(Addis Fortune) As was expected, Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has consolidated power after being reelected by the Revolutionary Democrats in Hawassa last week, with votes that amount to near unanimity. Of the 180 Council members of the EPRDF, only three failed to show up, including Getachew Assefa of the TPLF, the controversial former spymaster, gossip disclosed. […]

Ethiopia: Yes to Secularism! Yes to Equality, too!

(Tsegaye Ararssa) While it is necessary to study and carefully analyze what causes this conspicuously small presence of our muslim brethren and sisters in the EPRDF (not sure if it’s any different in the wider Ethiopian politics), one can’t fail to notice this, and we can’t ignore it easily, if we seriously want our politics to allow […]

Enough tweaks. Time to radically downsize NBE’s failing levy on lenders

by Abdulmenan Mohammed (Ethiopia Insight) Amidst all the political shenanigans in Ethiopia, the technocrats have also been at play. Last month, a Macroeconomic Committee chaired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made a series of policy adjustments, including to a key component of the Developmental State. Most of them were tweaks aimed at increasing foreign currency availability, which will […]

Tens of thousands flee Benishangul after Oromia border dispute flares

(by Ermias Tasfaye, Solomon Yimer)  Killings and displacements followed attack on Kamashi Zone officials Violence repeats history of clashes related to contested regional border Displaced people report Gumuz groups terrorizing Oromo residents (Ethiopia Insight) Tens of thousands of people have fled Kamashi Zone in Benishangul-Gumuz state after deadly instability following the killing of four zonal officials in […]

Ethiopia to Inaugurate Adama Industrial Parks this Sunday

The Adama Industrial Park, whose construction was launched in 2016, will be inaugurated on Sunday, October 07, 2018, Fana broadcasting Corporate reports today. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other government officials will attend the inauguration ceremony in Adama town, 90m kilometer far from the capital. Planned 8 Industrial Parks in Ethiopia The government is working […]

Jilaa Adaa Bilissumma ABO Simaana Magaala Naqamtee

Umaanii ayiiraa yo HD nutiiagarsiistanii male isiinii hindabarsiinuu yero jedhanii akaittii jalatanii dhaba isanii nu jiradha qeerroo fi qaarreeni ABO ABO.ABO ABO uffee ya oromo ko.. Caalaa carcar waggoottaa hedhuu bodha biyyaafi biyyee isaa oromiyyaa irratii yero shaggooyee shubiisuu . Qaaqeen dheebuu ABOf qaban akkasittiin bahanii mul’isan Qeerroon Magaalaa Naqamtee guluffii fardaa istaadiiyoomii Naqamteetti Qoricha […]

HUBANNOOF! Qeerroon nuti qabnu Qeerroo tokkicha. Sunis Qeerroo Oromooti

Qeerroo hidhannoo tokko malee, ajajaa giddu galaa tokko malee, abdii eenyuutiinuu alatti ofii isaaf golee Oromiyaa mara keessaa wal dhagahee seenaa hojjete sana. Qeerroo diina hanga funyaaniitti hidhateen sodaatamee jabina Oromummaa diinatti agarsiise sana. Qeerroo fakkeenya tokkummaa fi jagunummaa tahee Amaraaf, Sidaamaaf, Somaaleef, Guraageef kkf hundaaf fakkeeenya dargaggummaa tahe sana. Boris jabinni Qeerroo kanaa akka daranuu […]

Ethiopia faces reforms’ next steps as ruling coalition meets

FILE – In this Saturday, June 23, 2018 file photo, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed waves to the crowd at a large rally in his support, in Meskel Square in the capital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s ruling coalition is expected to take the next steps this week on sweeping reforms announced under its new prime […]

A Message to Oromo-Phobic Political and Media Organizations

(By Soretti Jarrssoo) The old failed politics is at play by some Oromo-phobic organizations.  It is as if they were not prepared for what is to come with political reform.  On September 15, 2018 millions of Oromo gathered at Maskal Square in Finfinnee to welcome Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) leadership and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).   The […]

The Campaign on Oromo People is Campaign on Federalism: The Wish to Re-establish Assimilative Governance

(By Tola Jilo) Ethnic federalism promised in Ethiopia’s long history, to respect the country’s cultural diversity, and give meaningful autonomy to its different ethnic groups.  The constitution was adopted in 1990s that divided Ethiopia into regions drawn roughly along ethnic lines. However, the recent week conflicts instigated by anti-Oromo groups/political organizations and ESAT were antithetical to […]

TPLF terminated twelve central committee members

(Borkena) Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) terminated twelve central committee members. Some of those who are eliminated from central committee membership are former heavy weight politicians within the ethnic Tigray party whose base is in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. Number one in the list is Abay Woldu who served as chairman of the party and president […]

Amhara Democratic Party is the new name for ANDM

(Borkena) Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), which is undertaking its 12th congress in Bahir Dar, reportedly changed its name to Amhara Democratic Party (ADP). The party is also changing its emblem, according to a report by Bahir Dar based Amhara Mass Media Agency. Proposal to change the emblem is approved by central committee of the […]

Injiinar Taakkalaa Uumaa Miseensota Waldaa Dargaggoota Oromiyaa Waliin Mari’atan

Itti aanaa kantiibaa magaalaa Finfinnee Injiinar Taakkalaa Uumaa miseensota Waldaa Dargaggoota Oromiyaa waliin mari’atan. Dargaggoonni 6400 ta’an lafa magaalaa Finfinnee keessatti dalleeffamanii osoo hin misoomin taa’anii fi kenniinsa waraqaa eenyummaa magaalichaarratti gaaffii kaasaniiru. Maqaa misoomatiin jiraattota buqqisuun dhaabbachuu akka qabus kaasaniiru. Lafti maqaa misoomatiin dalleeffamee taa’uu fi hin misoomin dargaggootaf akka laatamu hirmaattonni waltajjichaa gaafataniiru. […]

Se’are Mekonnen Replaces Samoora Yenus

By Work Burayu (PhD) Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire Seare replaces Samora as Ethiopian National Defense Forces while honoring Samora Yenus with the highest military medal is the recent national and international news. Seare was one of the appointed Deputy Chief of Staff by the then PM Hailemariam Desalegn. When lower case […]

As trash avalanche toll rises in Ethiopia, survivors ask why

(By Hadra Ahmed and Jacey Fortin) —  ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — At the moment when she lost her home and family, Hanna Tsegaye was spending her Saturday night with a neighborhood friend. Around 8 p.m. on March 11, Ms. Hanna, 16, heard a strange sound, like rushing wind, and felt the ground shake beneath her feet. […]

The Ethiopia protesters’ struggle moves to the athletics track

by Kalkidan Yibeltal (African Arguments) — While a state of emergency is still in place at home, global sporting events are providing an irresistible opportunity for protesters to be seen and heard. As she crossed the finish line in Sabadell, Spain, on 7 February, Ethiopian star athlete Genzebe Dibaba had attained her sixth world record. […]

Dr. Merara Gudina pleads not guilty to incitement charges

By Aaron Maasho | ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) — An Ethiopian opposition leader from a region hit by deadly anti-government protests last year pleaded not guilty in court on Friday, after prosecutors brought charges against him for inciting unrest. Merera Gudina, leader of the Oromo Federalist Congress from the Oromiya region which was the center of […]

Diplomatic activities by Oromos in diaspora: Problems and Perspectives

(By Bayisa Wak-Woya[1]) This DRAFT aide memoire is prepared and shared with Oromo Political Organizations. Concept Diplomacy has always been part of human history since the emergence of states. It is a conduct of relations between States/Nations, otherwise known as subjects of international law, both in peace and at times of conflicts and wars. Diplomacy […]

TWO more Oromo Organizations? A personal plea to the coordinators of OLC and GGO

(By Bayisa Wak-Woya) Dear both; I am addressing both of you with this rather detailed letter in my personal capacity as a concerned Oromo. Just wanted to express my deepest concern regarding the ongoing newly created parallel civic society initiatives (OromoLeadership Convention –OLC and Global GummiOromia – GGO) as spearheaded by you, prominent Oromo notables. I […]

Ethiopia: A Leadership in Crisis Unveiled by Protests

(Hamaa Loolaa)–Addis Abeba Dec. 07/2016 – It is now more than a year since the Oromo Protest for justice and democracy began in Ethiopia. It reverberated throughout Oromia and exposed the regime’s use of brutality to suppress and silence dissenting voices. But instead of waning, the struggle gained momentum when the Amhara youth in Gondar […]

Why is the Ethiopian diaspora so influential?

(BBC News) — During a year of anti-government protests throughout Ethiopia, its global diaspora, particularly that in the US, has been deeply involved – and not just vocally, writes Addis Ababa-based journalist James Jeffrey. Twitter and Facebook have been blocked since a six-month state of emergency was imposed last month as the government tries to […]

Opinion – Beyond the Timeless ‘Ethiopia Lezelalem Tinur’

(Zecharias Zelalem, Special to Addis Standard) — An eternal slogan unapologetically shouted out loud with defiance and determination at rallies as much as it is mumbled at quiet prayers under one’s breath is a term Ethiopia Lezelalem Tinur,loosely translated as “long live Ethiopia.” It is a statement that seemingly foretells Ethiopians’ love to their motherland whilst simultaneously […]

HRLHA: State of Emergency as Systematic State Repression in Ethiopia

(HRLHA)-The  March 2014 Oromo student protests, which has been started in Jima University and spread quickly to Ambo University then in a few days to all universities, colleges, high schools and elementary schools in Oromia and continued for two months has captured attention of the world community for the first time.  In these two months, […]

#Oromoprotests was rekindled in Giincii a year ago

(Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa)—When the #Oromoprotests was rekindled in Giincii a year ago, it made a strong statement about the Oromo people’s rejection of policies of evicting the Oromo from their ancestral land. By so doing, it also made a statement that rejected and repudiated a re-enactment of historic violence, the violence of dispossession and displacement, […]

OLF Letter to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General (Daawud Ibsaa)

His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-Moon United Nations Secretary-General Office of the Secretary General of United Nations 885 Second Avenue United Nations Headquarters Room DHL-1B- 154 New York, NY 10017 Fax +1 212-963- 4879   Dear Mr. Secretary General: I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to draw […]

Will Ethiopia’s Year-Long Crackdown End? (HRW)

(Felix Horne, HRW)–When I met 15-year-old “Meti” (not her real name), she felt her dream of becoming a nurse was over. In February, Meti and her classmates joined a protest in East Hararghe, in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, against the government’s displacement of farmers around Addis Ababa, security force abuses, and the repression of opposition voices. […]

The Deteriorating Situation in Ethiopia

(By Yohannes Woldemariam)–The minority ethnic regime in Ethiopia now faces multiple rebellions. The regime’s foreign friends are part of the problem. “Faced with increased intrusion into their lands by so-called international investors, by displacement and by the breakdown of their social fabric, Ethiopians are mobilizing to resist.” The once formidable government coalition “is beginning to […]

Can Ethiopia’s new cabinet address the Oromo protests?

(Newsweek)–Ethiopia’s prime minister, under pressure following almost a year of deadly protests, appeared to offer an olive branch to disgruntled protesters on November 1. In a substantial cabinet reshuffle, Hailemariam Desalegn appointed 21 new cabinet ministers. Most notably, Desalegn gave prominent ministerial roles to two members of the Oromo ethnic group, which has been at […]

Major Dawit W/Giorgis’ speech at “Vision Ethiopia Conference” is an Amhara Chauvinism Manifestation at its core!

(By Abbaa Ormaa)–The following two paragraphs are the basis of the speech given by the chairman and founder of “Vision Ethiopia” Major D. W/Giorgis, at the recent conference organized by “Vision Ethiopia”, in Washington DC titled “The End Game and Transition” ( The following two paragraphs say everything you need to know about the true […]