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Somaliland has to Revisit the Kinship with its Fake Sister, Ethiopia

Somalilandsun- Somaliland has been a lonely nation since she has officially disowned its ugly and ruthless brother, Somalia.  In its search for a new family member from the international community, Ethiopia waved a fake hand of sisterhood that always benefited her. For decades, Somaliland has been bleeding economically in the form of a huge trade deficit […]

Negative forces conspire to destabilize peaceful political struggle in Ethiopia

(By Malkamuu Jaatee) – Introduction Peaceful political struggle to transform governance of Ethiopia from dictatorship to democracy started 50 years ago, however democratic governance has not yet realized. The struggle can be classified into three stages of development characterized by popular revolutions erupted in 1970s, 1990s, and 2018. Organized political movement started in 1960s was […]

Ethiopia brims with hope, but it’s fragile

(Abdinor Dahir, TRT) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has the momentum to strengthen Ethiopia’s democratic institutions and restore trust in the system. The trick is to turn this goodwill into tangible policy change. Since the rise of Abiy Ahmed as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia in last April, there have been many moments of […]

Human Rights Watch cautions Ethiopia on hate speech law

(Africanews) – Human Rights Watch (HRW) has cautioned Ethiopia against plans to enact a new law to curb hate speech, following the rise in deadly ethnic tensions and clashes in the country. The Attorney General’s office last month said it was drafting a bill to curb the rising hate speech and irresponsible use of social […]

The Clamor for Own State in Ethiopia: Ill-Timed

(Zemelak Ayitenew Ayele, for Addis Standard) – Addis Abeba, December 03/2018 – Several ethnic communities (Nations and nationalities in the parlance of the FDRE Constitution) of the SNNPRS are clamoring to secede from the region and establish their own state using the clause under Article 47(2) of the FDRE Constitution. The zonal councils of Guraghe, Sidama, Kaffa, […]

Lesson to Learn from the Past to be Proactive

(By Worku Burayu (PhD) – Why it is important to learn from the past:Dear reader, our past is the best teacher we have. So many things happened in our life and we have accomplished, positive or negative things, where past experience taught us something. As political situation is moving fast in our country, there might be lessons we […]

Mr. Obang Metho’s speech to Debre Berhan University

THE WAY FORWARD: UPHOLDING TRUTH IN A POST-REPRESSIVE SOCIETY — IT IS THE FOUNDATION OF FREEDOM AND JUSTICE Thank you so much Dr. Desalegn for that kind introduction. Good afternoon everyone! It is both a great pleasure and a great privilege to be here and speak to you this afternoon. First, I would like to […]

My Kind of Place: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

(Sonia Nazareth, The National) Why Addis Ababa? Travellers frequently use Addis Ababa, the sprawling capital, as no more than a glorified pit stop from which to enter Ethiopia, before swiftly moving on to explore the treasures in the rest of the country. But spend a few days in Africa’s diplomatic centre, and you’ll discover that the city is […]

As Southern Nations break free, pressure mounts on EPRDF

(By William Davison, Kulle Kursha,  Ethiopia Insight) — For almost a quarter of a century, despite all of the Ethiopian federation’s problems, its architecture has remained intact, including the nine regional states etched into the constitution. That now looks set to change, dramatically. Following the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ (SNNP) State Council’s decision last month to approve a […]

Ethiopia overtakes Dubai as top feeder of air traffic to Africa

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Ethiopia has overtaken Dubai as a conduit for long-haul passengers to Africa, highlighting the success of the state airline’s expansion drive and the reforms of its new prime minister. Travel consultancy ForwardKeys said on Wednesday Addis Ababa airport had increased the number of international transfer passengers to sub-Saharan Africa for five years […]

MetEC’s wasteful blunders should end Ethiopia’s fling with military business

(by Zekarias Beshah Abebe, Ethiopia Insight) The Metals and Engineering Corporation (MetEC) is in the spotlight again with the arrest of managers for alleged corruption.More than 27 officials from MetEC face prosecution, including former Director-General, Major General Kinfe Dagnew, after an investigation of the military-linked conglomerate. But while new revelations about alleged wrongdoing of MetEC have […]

Ethiopia is set to launch its first satellite into space—with China’s help

(By Abdi Latif Dahir, QZ) With Beijing’s assistance, Ethiopia is heading to space in just under a year. The Horn of Africa nation announced it would launch its first earth observatory satellite in Sept. 2019, with China footing much of the bill. Officials from both governments’ space agencies met both in August and November (in Amharic) to advance talks on technological transfer and sign cooperative […]

EPRDF and Election in Ethiopia (By Assefa A. Lemu)

(By Assefa A. Lemu) – Background: Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) is a political organization established in 1989 by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which was established in 1975 and the then Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic Movement(EPDM), later  known as the Amhara Democratic Movements (ANDM) and now Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) which was established in 1982. Later, the […]

Uganda’s digital passport set for January 2019 launch, will cost $67

(The Eastafrican) – Uganda’s digital passport, which will be launched in January 2019, will cost Ush250,000 ($67), a 67 per cent increase from the current cost of Ush150,000 ($40), making the document one of the most expensive in the region. East African Community member states are moving from machine-readable passports to digital versions in compliance […]

Ethiopia mulls bill to curb hate speech amid ethnic tensions

(Africa News)Ethiopia’s Attorney General’s office has confirmed work on a draft bill to curb rising hate speech and the irresponsible use of social media in Africa’s second most populous nation. Despite the opening of the political space since April 2018 and with that the freedom of expression without fear of arrest, ethnic tensions have resulted […]

Ethiopia and the Federal System of government (By Assefa A. Lemu)

(By Assefa A. Lemu) – In 1950s, Ethiopia was one of the countries that had federal system of government. In early 1960s, Ethiopian Government dissolved the federal system and the country went back to the unitary system.  The dissolution of Ethio-Eritrean Federation which was approved on September 15, 1952 and revoked on November 15, 1962 […]

Making Ethiopia’s Electoral Board Independent

(Felix Horne, Senior Researcher, Horn of Africa, HRW) — There was good news from Ethiopia as former opposition leader, lawyer and judge Birtukan Midekssa was named head of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE). Following years of almost completely closed political space, Ethiopia’s government continues to institute an important series of reforms. The appointment of a highly respected – […]

Open Letter to Mr. Lemma Megersa, Governor of Oromia State

(From: Dr. Badhaasaa Taaddasaa) Dear Obbo Lamma: I am writing this letter to appeal to you in the wake of the widely circulating news and social media reactions hailing the face-to-face discussion you had with the OLF leaders and the speech you made afterwards. Mr. Lamma Magarsa, the President of Oromia Regional State It is […]

About Corruption and Thievery in Ethiopia

(by Addissu Admas) Corruption in government is not of course unique to Ethiopia. Virtually every known state present or past has suffered and continues to suffer from it. The temptation to corrupt and to be corrupted is as human as any one human trait. The question is not whether it exists or not in a […]

Ethiopia recalls its consul from Somaliland amid fears of diplomatic withdrawal

(HARGEISA, AllEastAfrica) – Ethiopia has recalled its consul from the breakaway northern Somalia territory of Somaliland on Monday, an official says, in a move that analysts say could be a precursor for a diplomatic withdrawal from the enclave by Ethiopia’s government under the new reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed amid a new regional political shift. The development follows […]

Perils of Negotiating With Ethiopian Rulers

(By Worku Gadissa) This article was originally posted on Ayyaantuu August,  2016 and now reappears in order to warn Oromo leaders to be careful and not repeat historical errors of negotiating with Habesha leaders. At the present time, there is a danger looming over OLF regarding the order to disarm and reintegrate prior to negotiations. This is the exact same tactic […]

Stick a Fork in it, EPRDF is dead as we know it

(by Zekarias Ezra) – There is no EPRDF. There is only the shell under the guise of which Dr Abiy is running the government. EPRDF, the front that gave birth to the other parties, is dead. It was buried with black ribbons and flags flown at half staff when Meles Zenaw died. The party had […]

Ethiopia recognizes local entrepreneurs during the Global Entrepreneurship Week

ADDIS ABABA (UNDP Ethiopia)–Ethiopia joined the rest of the world in celebrating the Global Entrepreneurship Week by recognizing local entrepreneurs whose innovation and job creation potentials impacted grassroots communities in urban and rural areas. The Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) hosted this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrated from November 12th to 18th with the theme of women, youth, inclusion […]

Sweden contributes funding to support Ethiopia’s forest sector development

Sweden has contributed 79 million Swedish Krona, around 8 million USD towards a programme that seeks to strengthen institutions to catalyse forest sector development in Ethiopia. Forest coverage in Ethiopia is currently only 15% and a new forest sector development programme seeks to address this challenge through a more scientific approach and stronger engagement with […]

Multinationalism is the Backbone of Unity

(Worku Burayu) Dear reader, I usually write articles in my second language but not that I know it better than anyone. I wanted, those who thought that they are the only who know Ethiopia and exceptionally created for Ethiopian unity better than everyone, to read and recognize they are most of the time, the problem […]

Egypt and Ethiopia to discuss Nile dam dispute

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egypt said on Sunday it would hold talks with Ethiopia in the next two weeks to iron out differences over an Ethiopian dam on the River Nile that Cairo sees as a threat to its water supplies. The two countries and Sudan have held a series of meetings over the $4 billion […]

Ethiopian, Djibouti leaders underscore need for addressing Djibouti Eritrea relations mutually

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed held talks with President of Djibouti, Ismaïl Omar Guelleh. During bi-lateral talks held yesterday, both leaders expressed their appreciations to all those involved on the lifting of sanctions imposed on Eritrea. They discussed on areas of cooperation to both countries and in further strengthening their existing relationship. Furthermore, both parties […]

The women smashing Ethiopia’s glass ceiling

(BBC) – Ethiopia is changing rapidly under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, with women now wielding enormous power in a country where they have mostly been confined to traditional roles, writes BBC’s Tigrinya’s Hana Zeratsyon. Ethiopians like to say they were ruled by Queen Sheba in biblical times – something they take great pride in, yet […]

Expel TPLF from the governing coalition

(By Abba Ormaa) – Expel TPLF from the governing coalition and replace it with United Oromo Democratic Party, a coalition of OLF, ODP, and OFC, and form a new governing majority with others rooted in free and fair democratic principles. Throw revolutionary democracy out the window! This week we have witnessed what Ethiopian peoples have known […]

Ethiopia: Multi-Sectoral Intervention Vital to Accelerate Reduction of Stunting: Researchers

Addis Ababa November 10/11/2018 Ethiopia needs multi-sectoral intervention to accelerate the reduction of stunting, according to researchers. Despite Ethiopia’s remarkable achievements in reducing stunting to the lowest possible, its prevalence is still high by international standards. Speaking to ENA, Dr. Kalle Hirvonen, Research Fellow at Ethiopian Strategic Support Program of International Food Policy Research Institute […]

Africa: Is the African Standby Force Any Closer to Being Deployed?

(By Ndubuisi Christian Ani, AllAfrica) _ The African Union (AU)-directed African Standby Force (ASF) has not been deployed since its establishment in 2003. This is despite the AU’s extensive experience with peace support operations in countries like Burundi, Sudan, Somalia, Mali and the Central African Republic (CAR). However the AU is continuing its efforts to […]

How to travel to Ethiopia on a budget

(IOL) – Ethiopia is one of the oldest and most remarkable places in Africa. It’s got a long and storied history, incredible food, and some of the most impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites this side of the Great Rift Valley. Not only is it a country full of unadulterated character, but it is also a […]

Ethiopia’s reform process: a seven-point response to Messay Kebede’s critique

This October, French researcher René Lefort published his latest in-depth analysis of Ethiopian affairs on openDemocracy and Ethiopia Insight, focusing on the perils facing the reform process. The article elicited a critique from Messay Kebede ‘Separating the wheat from the chaff on Ethiopia’. This is the author’s response.  (RENÉ LEFOR Open Democracy) – I have carefully followed Messay Kebede‘s work for […]

Ethiopia and Eritrea Need Their Peace

(The Nation) – Ethiopia and Eritrea began a spectacular rapprochement this summer, and stability in the Horn of Africa depends on its lasting. (By Gérard Prunier) Apeaceful revolution has transformed relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Apart from a few skirmishes, such as Ethiopia’s 2006 intervention against Eritrea’s allies in Somalia, they have coexisted peacefully since the 1998–2000 […]

Ethiopia’s Nascent Luxury Tourism Market Starts to Take Hold

(by Fleur Delacroix, upmitter) – Luxury is a word that one would seldom use to describe the present condition of lodging in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is also among the weakest countries on the planet and also for many Western tourists its own picture is tied to the catastrophic 1980s famine. Traveling through the area has traditionally been trying, but a […]

Ethiopian Catholic Church pleased with first female President

(Vatican News) – The Catholic Church in Ethiopia is optimistic that the election of Sahle-Work Zewde as the country’s first female president will Inspire women and girls to reach their full potential as influential actors in society. Africa Service – Vatican City The Ethiopian Catholic Church says it is pleased that women in Ethiopia are […]

Abiymania? Damn right! (by Bisrat Teshome)

Wild appreciation for Abiy is not a delusional obsession. It’s rational appreciation of his rescue of the country and supreme leadership skills. The last three years of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn’s term were characterized by extremely distressing events throughout the country, as well as a tanking economy. As a close follower of Ethiopian politics, I […]

How a wolf in sheep’s clothing kidnapped Angola

Angola is a country in debt. At least $18 billion is being owed to Chinese WASHINGTON D.C., United States of America, October 15, 2018/APO Group/ — With projected debts of over $70 billion, about 70% of the national GDP, and an inflation rate of 24.75% as well as an unemployment level of 25%, the resource […]

U.S. Completes Three Health Centers in Amhara that will Serve 75,000 People

The new health centers were constructed through U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Ethiopia Health Infrastructure Program, which is funded by the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, October 31, 2018/APO Group/ — This week, the United States Government is handing over three newly constructed Health Centers to the Amhara […]

Office of Global AIDS Coordinator (S/GAC) Chair for Ethiopia, Dr. Heather Watts Visits Ethiopia

During the trip, the delegation visited the HIV/AIDS services at the Zewditu hospital, Addis Ababa, where the first antiretroviral treatment (ART) program was launched with U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)’s support in 2003 ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, November 2, 2018/APO Group/ — Office of Global AIDS Coordinator (S/GAC) Chair for Ethiopia, Dr. Heather […]

Addis Ababa City Merges River Revitalization Projects

(BY BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE) Addis Abeba City Administration will cancelled a tender floated for the rehabilitation of Banteyiqetu River, which stretches from Urma Garage to Afincho Ber. The project will instead be integrated into the Entoto Tourist Destination Development Project. The project integration was decided by the Board of River Basins & Green Areas Agency, following […]

How Ethiopia’s medieval ruins inform its modern-day ethnic strife

(By Paul Schemm, the Washington Post) — MENEGASHA, Ethiopia — On a wooded hill near Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa, bits of red clay litter the ground next to glittering flakes of obsidian. Nearby, half-buried stones are arranged in a line. On the other side of the hill, a rectangular stone slab appears to have been […]

Ethiopia: Sidama take another step towards statehood

By Ermias Tasfaye,Ethiopia Insight — The Council of Southern Nations region yesterday accepted Sidama Zone’s request to become a state and restructured other administrative districts. A referendum in the zone of perhaps four million people now needs to be organized before August. London-based activist Seyoum Hameso believes the course is set for the Sidama to form the tenth […]