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Egypt, Eritrea Leaders Meet as Nile Tensions Rise

CAIRO — Egypt’s president and his Eritrean counterpart met in Cairo on Monday amid heightened tensions with Sudan and Ethiopia over border disputes and the construction of a massive upstream Nile dam. Egypt fears the soon-to-be completed dam in Ethiopia could cut into its share of the river, which provides nearly all its freshwater. Eritrea and […]

Ethiopia’s Crackdown on Dissent Leaves Youth With Dangerous Options

Kelsey Lilley, (World Politics Review) — Ostensibly intended to quell unrest perpetrated by “anti-peace” forces, Ethiopia’s extension of a state of emergency in March signals a continued crackdown on the country’s restive and aggrieved population. This repression disproportionately affects 65 million Ethiopian youth, who make up more than two-thirds of the country’s total population. Such […]

Ethiopia’s Oromo leader objects to terrorism charge, case adjourned

( — Dr Merera Gudina, a leading opposition figure in Ethiopia and Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), has presented preliminary objections to the federal court where he is standing trial on terrorism and other criminal charges. Gudina was charged along with two others, Jawar Mohammed, a popular Oromo activist and Executive Director of […]

Ethiopia enters its seventh month of emergency rule

(The Economist) — THE three-hour bus-ride to Ambo from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, offers a glimpse into the country’s future. The road is well paved; irrigation ditches and polytunnels criss-cross commercial farmland; electricity lines leap over forested hills. The signal granting access to mobile internet is clear and constant. As the bus pulls into Ambo, a […]

Macha Tulama Association Appeal to Oromo in Diaspora

Dear Oromo in Diaspora, As you all know, the Oromo people have been facing genocide from the Ethiopian regime’s militia, police, security agents, and government officials in general and the Agazi in particular. Consequently, more than one thousand Oromo have been killed; hundreds of them have been crippled, blinded and disfigured; and thousands of them […]

Ethiopia’s Oromo Revolution echoes around the globe

(By J. David Thompson, Lima Charlie News) — If I go back to Ethiopia, maybe they will kill me. If I am not killed, maybe they will put me in prison.” These words were not spoken by just anyone seeking asylum. They were spoken by 2016 Olympic silver medalist Feyisa Lilesa when he displayed the Oromo […]

Oromia violence involving Ethiopia’s Somali region police

Country Risk: Oromia violence involving Ethiopia’s Somali region police likely to increase local anti-government militancy, attacks on commercial projects IHS Jane’s Country Risk Daily Report EVENT Several members of Ethiopia’s Somali region’s Liyu special police were reportedly killed by armed locals on 14 February in Gursum district, Oromia region, allegedly in response to recent raids […]

The Ethiopian regime is destabilizing the Horn of Africa region

(By Yohannes Woldemariam, The Huffington Post) — The Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn claims Al-Shabab is diminishing with Ethiopian support to the Somali government. He also told BBC Africa editor, Mary Harper, that “Ethiopians are satisfied with the system of government in the country.” During the interview, PM Desalegn painted a very rosy picture of the […]

Ethiopia: Prosecutors present clips of interview and a public speech as evidence of terrorism against Bekele Gerba

(Addis Standard, Addis Abeba, Feb. 17/2017 – After several delays and more than a year in detention, prosecutors have today presented two video clips as evidence against Bekele Gerba, first secretary general of the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), who is facing terrorism charges in the file name under Gurmesa Ayano. Bekele Gerba was charged […]

Ethiopian Government Crimes Against Humanity in Oromia Escalate after the State Of Emergency is Declared

Human Rights League of Horn of Africa (HRLHA) Written Statement: Submitted to United Nations Human Rights Council, 34th Session 27 February – 24 March, 2017 Item 4: Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention (Country- Ethiopia) Geneva, 12 February, 2017 How Many Should die Before the Internatioanl Community intervenes to save lives?                     HRLHA  […]

Ethiopian Government Must Stop Rights Violations

(Chris Smith | U.S. Congressman) — Joined by victims of torture at the hands of the Ethiopian government, Rep. Chris Smith (NJ-04) and Rep. Mike Coffman (CO-06), came together this afternoon to bring to light the actions of the oppressive government of President Mulatu Teshome. “For too long the government of Ethiopia has used violence, including […]

From Dh1,800 to millionaire with 9 restaurants in UAE

(Anita Iyer, Khaleej Times) — The year was 1993 when a 21-year-old Sarah Aradi landed in Dubai. All she had with her was $500 and a zest for a better life. She clearly remembers the old Dubai with fewer people around and the strong sense of community that existed. Sarah loved to cook her authentic Ethiopian […]

Lemma Megersa calls for Oromo unity and economic revolution

(OPride)–Editors note: This is a word-for-word translation of a recent speech by the President of Oromia Regional State, Mr. Lemma Megersa. The 16-minute speech in Afaan Oromo (link below) was apparently broadcast on the state-run Oromiya TV. Read OPride’s commentary on his speech here: Before we blame others, we have to ask ourselves: what were […]

Tamirat Tola Sets Dubai Marathon Course Record In 2:04:10

(FloTrack) — Tamirat Tola was the only survivor of a grueling early pace tonight in Dubai. Six competitors and two pacemakers went through halfway under 62 minutes, and Tola was the only one to finish under 2:06. He crossed the line in 2:04:10, making him the third fastest Ethiopian ever and the ninth fastest man […]

Ethiopia: Key person, for inscribing Gada in UNESCO is arrested

(Ayyaantuu)–In less than two weeks after UNESCO inscribed the Oromo Gadaa, the regime in Ethiopia arrested Dr.  Teferi Nugussie, a key scholar who is behind the required works for the registration. This arrest is tantamount to a silent declaration of war to wipe out the Oromo intellectuals and known figures. The arrest of Dr. Nugussie is also a challenge […]

2016 prison census: 16 journalists jailed in Ethiopia (CPJ)

Ethiopia: 16 Saleh Idris Gama, Eri-TV MEDIUM: Television CHARGE: Anti-State IMPRISONED: December 2006 Saleh, a cameraman, for Eritrea’s state broadcaster Eri-TV, was arrested along with Tesfalidet, a producer, in late 2006 on the Kenya-Somalia border during Ethiopia’s invasion of southern Somalia. The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry first disclosed the detention of the journalists in April 2007 […]

Ethiopia: Amid fragile calm, EPRDF rule faces critical juncture

After widespread protests, a six-month state of emergency started in October. Now, much depends on the next move of leaders who have long used their track record of economic development to paper over widespread human rights abuses and political repression. By James Jeffrey ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA (The Christian Science Monitor) — For nearly a year, […]

Macalester Alumna Hawi Tilahune Wins Prestigious Rangel Fellowship

St. Paul, Minn. – Hawi Tilahune ’16, of Minneapolis, Minn., was awarded a 2017 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship following a highly competitive nationwide contest. The Rangel Fellowship, funded by the U.S. Department of State and managed by Howard University, supports extraordinary individuals who want to pursue a career as a Foreign Service Officer […]

Former Prime Minister Tesfaye Dinka dies at 77

ESAT News (December 9, 2016) Former Ethiopian Prime Minister Tesfaye Dinka passed away on Thursday  in Virginia, United States, where he lived in exile after the fall of the military regime. The 77 year-old former diplomat served his country in a number of capacities. He also worked at the World Bank and other international institutions […]

Ethnic tensions could see Ethiopia descending into civil war

(James Jeffrey, Irish Times) — No longer are bands of young men marauding on the outskirts of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, trying to set fire to foreign-owned factories. Nearly two months into Ethiopia’s six-month state of emergency, it appears to be having the desired effect: protests rocking its two most populous regions have subsided. It […]

In Cairo, Ethiopia’s Oromos lose hope with U.N. refugee agency

(By Stephen Grey and Amina Ismail | Reuters | CAIRO)–In Egypt, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has been the target of bitter criticism and even violent protest this year. Protests at the agency’s Cairo headquarters – including one man setting himself on fire – have been led by Oromos, the single biggest ethnic group […]

Usain Bolt and Almaz Ayana named the top athletes of the year

02 DEC 2016 MONACO, BOLT AND AYANA CROWNED 2016 WORLD ATHLETES OF THE YEAR (Sky Sports) — Sprinting superstar Usain Bolt has been named the IAAF male Athlete of the Year for an unprecedented sixth time. And Ethiopian distance runner Almaz Ayana has won the female Athlete of the Year award, following her record-setting 10,000m win […]

Ethiopia security detain prominent opposition party leader Dr. Merera Gudina

Addis Abeba Dec. 1/2016 (Addis Standard)– Security forces implementing Ethiopia’s six-month State of Emergency have last night detained prominent opposition party leader Dr. Merera Gudina, Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), upon his arrival at Bole International Airport. Details of what transpired at the airport are sketchy, but sources told Addis Standard that Dr. […]

Gada system: indigenous democratic socio-political system of Oromo

The Gada is Complex, but it is Oromo democratic system – Inscribed in 2016 (11.COM) on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Film ‘Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo’ © UNESCO Download Full Proposal Full Document in PDF (UNESCO) — Gada is a traditional system of governance used […]

The Oromo protests have changed Ethiopia

The struggle of the Oromo people has finally come to the attention of the global public conscience. By Awol Allo, Lecturer in Law at Keele University, UK, Aljazeera) — November 12 marked the first anniversary of the Oromo Protests, a non-institutional and anti-authoritarian movement calling for an end to decades of systemic exclusion and subordination of the Oromo. […]

Ethiopian soldiers killed in a bomb attack near Kismayo

At least three Ethiopian soldiers serving with the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have been killed in a bomb attack occurred near Kismayo city in southern Somalia on Saturday. According to local sources, the AMISOM soldiers were killed after their military convoy came under a remotely detonated land mine attack at Bulu-Gadud village, some […]
Drunk Michigan man yelled ‘Trump’ during racist attack on Ethiopian cab driver

Racist attack on Ethiopian cab driver in Michigan

(Elizabeth Preza, Raw Story)–A Michigan man shouting “Trump” attacked an immigrant cab driver Saturday, reports. Yemaj Adem, an Ethiopian immigrant, described the rage he encountered last weekend after a man, later identified as Jacob David Holtzlander,  jumped into his cab along with five women. Adem said he assumed Hotzlander was with the women, but […]

Ethiopia’s internet crackdown hurts everyone

Ethiopia has never been an easy place to operate. But a six-month state of emergency, combined with internet and travel restrictions imposed in response to a wave of anti-government protests, means it just got a whole lot harder. (James Jeffrey, Freelance journalist based in Addis Ababa and regular contributor to IRIN) The government has targeted […]

Ethiopia’s crackdown has seen 11,000 people arrested

Officials in Ethiopia have announced that some 11,607 people have been arrested since a state of emergency was declared in the country early last month. This is the government’s response to the civil unrest which has gone on for the best part of a year now. Oromo people, who live all over central and southern […]

Ethiopian newspaper editor, bloggers caught in worsening crackdown

Nairobi, November 17, 2016–Ethiopia should immediately release all journalists detained amid an intensifying crackdown on the media, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. In recent weeks, Ethiopian authorities have jailed a newspaper editor and detained two members of the award-winning Zone 9 bloggers’ collective, which has faced continuous legal harassment on terrorism and incitement […]

Rights group blasts Ethiopia journalist arrests

Addis Ababa (AFP) – Campaigners on Thursday accused Ethiopia of an “intensifying crackdown” on the media, with at least three journalists and bloggers arrested or sentenced under a state of emergency since October. “In recent weeks, Ethiopian authorities have jailed a newspaper editor, as well as two members of the award-winning Zone 9 bloggers’ collective, […]

Internet freedom in Ethiopia is the fourth worst in the world

(Lily Kuo, QZ)–Ethiopia’s internet is among the least free in the world. According to a new index released by the nonprofit Freedom House, Ethiopia ranked ahead of only Iran, Syria, and China, out of 65 countries in terms of access to the internet, censorship, and freedom of information. It ranked the worst of any country in […]