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Mekele City Host ‘Respect the Constitution’ Rally

Mekele city, the capital of Tigray Regional state hosts a massive protest rally dubbed as ‘Respect the Constitution’ Rally today December 08, 2018, the day where the constitution is marked.

Thousands are gathered at Tigray Stadium,  a multi-use stadium in Mek’ele, early in the morning for a rally which is organized by the regional government. Participants were shouting slogans including “ respect the constitution,” “to be established a border and Identity issue commission is unconstitutional,” “stop ethnic targeting attack,” “we support the position of Tigray government,” and “respect the federal system.”

Mekele City Host 'Respect the Constitution' Rally

The first rally took place on November 25 in Mekelle and other cities and towns in the state. Protesters bearing the nationals and regional flags denounced federal judicial process which they said were biased.

Weeks ago, a statement from Tigray regional government, said that the recent arrest of officials by the name of corruption and human rights violation is an attack on Tigray ethnic.

“There is foreign involvement in the process. Thus, it is unacceptable,” he said, without giving further details.

Almost a month ago suspects have been arrested from METEC, a military conglomerate, and National Intelligence and Security Service on allegations of corruption and human right violations.

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