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Premier vows to intensify hunt for criminals, bring them to justice

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed has vowed to intensify the hunt for criminals and bring them to justice.

According to a statement office of the Prime Minister issued yesterday entitled “Let’s Fight Cancer,” he said the government will continue crackdown on suspects of corruption and human rights abuses.

The government has been doing its level best to bring to justice criminals, including those who masterminded the attack at the June 23 rally in Addis Ababa, the statement indicated.

Premier vows to intensify hunt for criminals, bring them to justice

The action being taken by the government is in line with the government’s responsibility to ensure rule of law in the country, it said.

The statement stated that criminals do not care about ethnicity, country, or morality; they only care for themselves.

The key to justice is to create a system for innocent citizens live in freedom and dignity while criminals are held accountable and punished in accordance with the law, the statement stated.

The objective of the campaign is to free the country from criminals.

The statement called on Ethiopians to support the efforts of the government to hold criminals accountable.

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