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Sidama Liberation Movement Leaders Return Home

(Borkena) Sidama Liberation Movement leaders arrived at Bole international Airport in Addis Ababa early morning today where they were greeted by Professor Afework Kasu, Deputy Minister in the ministry of Foreign Affairs. They are returning home after decades in exile.

The leaders are returned home in response, they say, to the call by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government for all armed opposition parties to return home and struggle peacefully from within the country.

Simada Liberation Movement

Demboba Kiyanate is public relation head of the movement, and he is cited by Fana Broadcasting Corporation as saying that they returned to Ethiopia “for peaceful struggle, in response to government’s call for a peaceful struggle, and to support the ongoing change in the country.”

With regard to political agenda, the movement seeks to “peacefully struggle for the rights of Sidama People, equitable distribution of resources and good governance and build a strong Ethiopia along with the rest of Ethiopians.”

The leaders of the movement were based in the United Kingdom and the United States, the report added.

Before Sidama Liberation Movement, Oromo Liberation Front (which allegedly failed to disarm its rebel fighters), Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and Ginbot 7 movement have returned home for a peaceful struggle since last month.

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